A Place for Tea

Hulu jushi fanyi







Li Rihua of the Ming dynasty
A Place for Tea

A clean room – with just a broad couch, a ready table, burning incense, a cup of tea – empty of unnecessary things.  While sitting in meditation, a pure ethereal force gathers naturally within me.  As this chaste and numinous power grows, the foul and turbid effluvium of the world also shifts within and is steadily purged.


明 李日華




Li Rihua 李日華 (1565-1635), Liuyan zhai sanbi 六研齋三筆 (Copious Notes from the Studio of Six Pursuits), juan 4, pp. 5b-6a, especially 6a in “Zajia lei 雜家類 (Miscellaneous Treatises),” “Zibu 子部 (Masters and Philosophers),” Qinding Siku quanshu 欽定四庫全書 (Complete Collection of the Four Libraries by Imperial Commission), compiled by Ji Yun 紀昀 (1724–1805) et al. (Beijing: Forbidden City, 1798).




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